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Tales from the Sanatorium
An on-going graphic novel project created by Bryan Papciak in conjunction with Ars Subterranea.

Drawing inspiration from The Canterbury Tales, the series depicts an imperious Nurse leading a band of disheveled souls through endless apocalyptic asylum landscapes, occasionally pausing to tell stories. In the first installment, the Nurse recounts her own tale, "Rubber Lullaby." A combination of derelict spaces with mixed-media collage and still photography, Tales from the Sanatorium is a graphic novel set in an abandoned mental hospital staged like a movie, but photographed as a series of stills.

The first episode will premiere at the Report from the Ghost City event on March 24.


Graphic novel credits:

Concept, design and collage:
Bryan Papciak
Photography: Chris Beauchamp, Bryan Papciak, Christos Pathiakis, Jeff Sias
Graphic novel text: Bryan Papciak, "Rubber Lullaby" by Julia Solis

With the dramatic participation of: Jacqueline Castel, Kim Couchot, Jason Cruz, Jason Engdahl, Gavin Heck, Tom Kirsch, Mark Krawczuk, Marlene Kryza, Sarah Landau, John Law, Robert Lochow, Frannie Lochow, Sarah McMillan, Brandon Merkel, Brian Moroz, Violette Olympia, Francine Rosado, Rob Schmitt, Gayle Snible, Julia Solis, Chad Spectre, Kate Spectre, Dorothy Trojanowski